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Ermitis Oase, a 13+ chat based upon the lost tropical planet Ermitis, secluded in the vast wilderness of space. The planet harbors every creature imaginable, including Dinosaurs, Mythical creatures, and rare animals. Our Paradise has 32 pose sets (19 exclusive to Ermitis), 46 beautiful rooms to roam in, and friendly admins that will help you feel at home on this unique oasis. Ermitis Oase is created and owned by SpontaneousBeauty and Bluu. We are now OPEN to the public and are planning fun events and creating more custom pose sets and rooms! Join our community today and become an Ermitian!<br><br>We have added 10 rooms that are 15+ and three rooms that are 18+. Hopefully this will make a comfortable atmosphere for those who are older.
-Ermitis Oase is Open to the public
-Administration Applications are OPEN! Ask an Administrator to receive one. You must be 16 or older to apply.
-Special thanks to Terravore and Staff for selling some unique pose sets and rooms to Ermitis <3

Site Updates
-We have 46 beautiful rooms available to our users and 32 pose sets (set on the free subscription level) on Ermitis
-We do allow roleplay on Ermitis in 13 selected rooms which are all rated 13+, we also have 10 non-roleplay rooms rated 15+ and 3 rooms rated 18+, Come check them out today.
-New pose sets: Tiger pose set!~2/16/14
Caracal Pose set~2/17/14
Primitive Horse set~3/22/14
Stagus Pose Set~3/30/14 NEW!
25 piece Horse pose set (Quarter and Paint versions)~4/4/14
-New Rooms: New Morning Surf!~4/14/14
Windy Plains RP~4/19/14

Events and Contests
-The Event Committee is planning some fun things, to bring more users to join Ermitis Oase! Feel free to message Reaver or Decay if you have any ideas or questions! :)
-The Spooky Poetry Contest is over!
-New Draw your Favorite Admin(s) contest!

Featured Artists -These people have donated/offered their artistic talents or pieces to Ermitis Oase and we appreciate them greatly. Without them the chat would have never been able to be put together.
-"Thank you so much for your gorgeous work and donations. We definitely couldn't have done it without you"~Bluu

AirBrushedWolf (Grayscaling 2 pose sets), Infamous-Killjoy (2 rooms), Makoce (for the Mascot headshots), Sabtastic (For a room), Sunimo (2 rooms), Altalamatox (Pose Sketches), ThePheonixDark (2 Rooms), Terravore Chatland (2 rooms, 2 pose sets), Reaver (1 room), geometric-harmartia (1 room), LimonTea (1 room), Devinital (2 rooms), Stasushka (10 rooms), Greykitty (1 room), Jasper-19 (5 rooms), OlliSiponkoski (Many rooms), ScionOfStorm (1 room).

Ermitis Administration Team
-Here we would like you to meet the Team that has been putting together Ermitis. If you have any questions or concerns contact one of us and we would be glad to help you or point you in the right direction. We are very friendly so don't be afraid to come and chat with us C:
The Team
Bluu (Alpha, Owner), SpontaneousBeauty (Alpha, Owner), Jess (Beta), Vineyard (Beta), ScionOfStorm (Gamma), Melevadine (Gamma) , Ratonhnhaketon (Gamma), Yukiteru (Helper)

What is Ermitis Oase all about?
-Ermitis Oase is a world that evolved without humans. Where animals of all kinds were able to adapt and live without the threat of humankind.We all know that we effect the Earth greatly no matter what we do, Humans have helped cause higher C02 levels that have been skyrocketing and that causes Global warming, not only that but we have caused the great pacific garbage patch and just a few years ago the biggest oil spill known to man. Ermitis Oase would like to be a different place, What would it be like without humans? We try to accomplish this idea and bring environmental awareness to the world we live on.

Sponsored Chats
-Ermitis Oase would like to help bring the chat community closer together by sponsoring some of our neighboring chats. Many chats are struggling for subscribers, members, and be a welcoming place for users. Here are a few chats that Ermitis Oase found very people friendly.
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